As a native of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the woods were my backyard and my central inspiration from a very young age. My twin passions became the sights and smells of the forest and magic dance of pen to paper. 


My educational journey took me to shores of Lake Champlain, to discover new vistas with both my work and my experience of the natural world. With a degree in multi media and graphic design, I jumped into the field and began to cut my teeth on a variety of projects. In the past ten years I have grown tremendously as a technician and artist. And at the same time my passion for the outdoors and its affect on my work has depended.


I still work with the company that gave me my start as well as a multitude of other clients with diverse products and companies. I am currently a freelance graphic designer part-time and am always looking for new and interesting projects to take on.


I am also currently working remotely part-time as senior graphic designer for a branding agency in Burlington, VT called Place Creative. I have designed multiple package jobs, branded several companies and continue to produce creative results for them on a daily basis. 


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Champlain College

BA in Multi/Media & Graphic Design​​​​​​​​

Realized at MSI Media that I really love design and the power it has to change someones perception. 

Worked on many big brands and became a Senior Graphic Designer.

Still currently working here.

Started as a screen press operator and worked my

way up to being a graphic designer. The first step

into the professional world of design. 

Took the summer off and worked for my friends company installing standing seam roofs.